Good Old Soul

Sneak Peak

Even a day later, I was still blown away by what I shared with the man I barely knew and it had nothing to do with me allowing an almost stranger to touch me and love on me—my parents being free love enthusiasts rid me of any puritan like thinking—but the experience was not what I was expecting. Even now, while stretching and breathing my way through the downward dog asana before heading out for the day, my mind was reeling from those orgasms. They were as intense as he was and that was saying something because from the moment his body entered mine, it was as if he sole intent and desire was to see me be undone. And each time I had been.
That wasn’t typical for me with my lovers. They usually danced around a little, just enough to make me wet and then they were in and out and I would enjoy it because that’s what sex was for, enjoyment, I thought. Until Gabriel, it was like he was telling me sex was to be stretched out and savored. And being with him that day was quite an experience to savor. Something to never forget…
And so naturally I carried those thoughts with me to my lunch with Brandon.
Brandon was my friend from childhood. We went to all the same schools but rather than follow the free-spirited path like I did out of high school, Brandon continued on to an HBCU in South Carolina where he found out that along with his love of mathematics which he now uses as a high school math teacher, he had a love for women. His only stipulation for not having sex with a woman is if she works with him.
“I could care less whether we can work on grading papers together. I am not falling into that trap with a woman.”
“It might be convenient. You know since you also like the convenience of having booty close by.”
He gave me a serious look, one he used on those rare occasions he was trying to make a serious point and then said, “I know you think you have deflected from answering my question, Queen Amina. But you have not. Why are you glowing like a light bulb this afternoon?”
I fiddled with my phone auspiciously to check the time but also to see if I’d received a text from him. I wondered if he even sent texts. Amina, he’s not that old. Or is he? The salt and pepper said he could be.
“Uhhh… no particular reason. I kicked up my water intake.”
“How about you focus on your menu. You know she’ll be back to ask you what you want and you’ll say, ‘I need a little more time.’ And me, I’ll have to sit here with a growling stomach while you decide on what we already knew would be a burger.”
“Smart ass. Okay I’ll have the burger. Does that make you happy?”
“Good. Now tell me what has you glowing.”
“Gabriel. His name is Gabriel.”
“Like the archangel?”
“I guess. I haven’t asked him whom or what he was named after.”
“Maybe you should. But keep going. What’s it about Gabe that has you looking like a ray of sunshine?” He was such a smart ass.
“Everything and nothing. That’s why I’m not sure I can talk about it. He’s great, his personality, he’s great in bed. We talk and by talk, I mean he talks and he also listens.”
“So why do you seem bothered by that?”
“We barely know each other and it seems like it’s all happening so fast.”
“Seems simple enough. Slow it down.”
“And how do I do that?”
“Well strictly from a male point of view, you become less available.”
“So not taking his calls. Telling him I’m not free when really I’m at home wishing for some of that loving again.”
“Bingo. Just like that.”
I laughed, “Is that what you all do?”
“Hell yeah. And we make sure we have a few honeys in rotation so that we aren’t sitting at home wishing we could be with you. That’s how the game is played.”
“And why haven’t you shared this godly wisdom with me before?”
“You weren’t ready.”
“Well Brandon, I’ve been out with a handful of guys including Darryl which you never warned me against falling for by the way, why is that?”
“He was a chump and I knew he would get rid of himself.”
“Not cool, my friend. You could have saved me from heartbreak.”
I waited for some humor laden smart remark to follow but it didn’t come so I looked at him.. “What?”
“I never knew he broke your heart, baby girl You never shared that.” His face was so serious as was his voice that the sincerity in his words touched me, threatening to make my eyes water.
“I suppose I should have but it was the type of thing I didn’t want to talk about. I just wanted to get over it and be done with him.”
“And you are now, right?”
“Hell yeah. And if I hadn’t been, Gabriel helped me out with that problem.”
“Word. It was like that?”
Just thinking about it made me want to shudder. I resisted to urge to bite my lip.
“You just answered my question.”
“Whatever. Just eat your food.”

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