Maya & Roman: Between the Books and a Baby

We both stood in the door way looking into the pink painted nursery decorated with teddy bears and gingham print; each of us holding out the same hope; that she’d settle down and stop wiggling around in her bassinet and finally just go to sleep. She’d been especially fussy today though each night we seem to have trouble getting her to settle down. She wanted to stay up with us both and by time we did get her to doze off, we’d fall into bed like a heap only to awaken to her crying as if we never went to sleep. To say that I was an exhausted mother would be an understatement. I was most certainly exhausted. So exhausted that it sometimes tempered all the excitement I still felt when I would hold her in my arms. When she would coo and then look up at me with eyes identical to Roman’s. Intense, brown, rimmed by long eyelashes. She was the sweetest and most precious gift ever given to me; to us.
But it was with Roman that she was created, and it was with him that I needed some time to be alone with and I knew he needed the time alone with me as well. All day he’d been brushing up against me, his length hard and insistent against the fabric of my black yoga pants. He pressed into me often; the heat of his tall body, enveloping me. Whether I was holding her in my arms, carrying her around humming to her to get her to doze off after a feeding. Or whether I was changing a stinky diaper that he somehow never had to do, since she never pooped when he held her… but each time, he’d be there.
The scent of his soap making me remember the stolen moment we had this morning when we had just enough time to kiss in the shower before her crying broke us out of our embrace. We had planned to do so much more. It was there in our eyes as we stared at each other in the steam filled enclosure. Our bodies wet and warm, just like I had been between my thighs.
So here we were, hoping this nap— because I knew already she wouldn’t be sleeping through the night—would happen and Sarena would finally rest enough to allow us more than a few quick thrusts.
“I think she’s sleep now.”
“Shhhhh,” I hissed out probably making more noise than he had made with his few words. But I would never admit that to him.
He just stared at me and then pointed his head toward the bedroom before walking away.
I peeked inside on her once again, just to be sure that she was indeed sleep before slowly and silently closing the door and following him into our room.
“You really think she’ll sleep this time?” I asked him.
“She’ll sleep. She knows how much her parents need some adult time. I mean, the doctor gave the okay two weeks ago, and all I can do is get the tip in before she starts to wail out. Tonight’s the night.”
Laughing quietly just to be sure I didn’t rouse her if she was in fact sleep and not playing possum as she usually did, I said, “I sure hope so. I’ve missed you, Roman.”
“And I’ve missed you,” he returned as he pulled me into his arms. As much as I knew we needed one of those candle lit, music playing, sensual massage having, slow game type of love making sessions, I knew better and so did he. It would be just our luck, she’d hear Luther crooning and decide to croon right along with him ruining the mood, so this would have to happen quickly but efficiently because I needed him so deep inside of me right through here.
He kissed me, his hands holding the sides of my face, as if to tell me not to move away but there was no way I would. Didn’t he understand that when all else failed between us, this way between us was sure to clear up misunderstandings. That whether he was having one of his moods that used to confuse me and make me feel off center, or when I began to over analyze everything causing some tension between us, this way always made things clear.
We never had a problem here.
Not when we touched.
Not when he traced my collarbone with his finger, making the fabric of my loose-fitting tank fall down to gap between my braless breasts. And when he moved my top aside and pulled a brown tip in between his lips to suck upon, it was all clear. My body responded right away, becoming molten at my core, begging for him to take care of us both. His clothes were removed easily. And mine followed, ending up in the pile with his and then we were falling on the bed, our limbs entangled as our hands grappled onto each other, trying to get closer than we already were. There was only one solution to our dilemma and he figured it out before I did as he quickly opened my thighs and thrust hard inside of me. He stopped, his mouth opened in an O, his brow knotted, eyes focused on mine and I, all I could do was hold onto the cry threatening to escape my lips.
It almost had but I didn’t let it.
I held onto to the sound like I held onto him and he began moving in and out of me. I couldn’t be sure if it was the fact that we were sneaking to have sex so that our six-week-old didn’t wake up, or because it had been so long since we’d done it, but my body couldn’t hold off from the impending orgasm. It was building faster than I could control it. And when he wound his hips around hitting my spot at that death stroke angle, I fell apart, choosing to bite down on his shoulders as he continued to work himself inside of me. His body tensed soon thereafter, his self-muffled grunt sounded distant to my ears but it was clear that the five minutes we had been wrapped up in each other were intense. And needed.
Oh, how they were needed.
Pulling apart and me settling in beside him to lie my head on his warm, clammy and heaving chest, I remembered all the moments we shared like this one before, where in the afterglow I’d smile about how good it was to be with him and he’d husk out something that made me want him inside of me again and we’d be at it again, just like that.
His kiss to my brow let me know he heard my thoughts and then when his body shifted to face me I knew we were about to get started again. Maybe she would sl-.
Her crying jolted us apart. We smiled at each other, though it was tinged with just a bit of sadness. Not because of her, but because we were missing…us.

© Aja & Roy Glenn 2018


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