Author Deep

I’ve been asked a few times, “Who is Deep?”
Deep is the freest part of me. I write what I want about what I want and you’ll likely end up touching yourself when you’re through reading it. Because my words are touching you. I’m an intellectual experience…first. I want to spend time with you while you lounge around in your bare brown skin, I want you to connect with my words coming off the pages. I want to be with you, and eventually in you. Share me with your man or with your woman, I don’t care. I’m not the jealous type, though I can be a touch possessive when I’m not treated right.
I like all things Deep. Deep conversation, Deep connections, Deep-ness all around. Pleasure and satisfaction is abound.

Deep writes erotica—not love—though you may fall in love with the pleasure you are continuously served in each story. Don’t fight the escape. Cum along and enjoy the ride.

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