Breaking Her Rules

Savanah Burnett had spent much of her life shunning convention and the rules that kept people in their lane. Though she had tons of fantastic memories because of it, she also experienced some difficulties she’d much rather forget. Deciding to start a new job, in a new city with a new attitude which included playing by the rules, she takes a vacation as a restart. That’s where she runs into a man that could only be defined as Mr. Irresistible.

Joseph Farrington had only one thing in mind when going for a stroll around the resort where his brother had just tied the knot: finding some of his own fun. But what he doesn’t know is that one night of pure passion with the playful and sexy stranger would not only be unforgettable but follow him back home away from paradise they created on the island.

Note: This novella is a stand alone but if you want to familiarize yourself with some of the characters, read I Am Yours.

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