Why Not Romance


The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime. -Billy Graham

Anyone who truly knows me, shoot let me stop right there. Anyone that has spent any time conversing with me on FB or in person, knows that I am a fan of the Romance genre of books. I don’t hide it and I am absolutely in love with the idea of people falling in love and staying there. I like to see the couple end on a happy note, whether that’s with a wedding, or major commitment that in the beginning didn’t seem like it’d be a possibility and if they throw in a baby?? That is awesome(in my singsong voice)!

I know many who won’t ever read a book as I’ve described, but to each his own. I don’t particularly care for murder mysteries or any mystery now that I think of it. If there’s some suspense, thrill, action, I’m good. But reading about some super-sleuth following clues? Not my cup of tea…for the most part because I have in fact read those kinds of books and enjoyed one or two. But my point is, we all have our preferences. What I don’t particularly care for though, is the reaction to Romance by many. What is wrong with it? Why do some turn their noses up at it like it stinks and isn’t real writing?

I’m not going to get into what I was recently made aware of and that is that there are “book snobs” amongst us that will only claim to read certain books because talking about those people would be me judging them and I have no right to do that but I do want to say this: Romance is real writing and furthermore, reading it is not for the weak and foolish. Without it, without it’s subject matter, those of us that choose to escape through reading fiction, would escape to a place that will mostly be filled with drama, intrigue, murder, pain, misery, invaders from outerspace, supernatural occurrences, vampires and demons, intellectual controversy, drugs, lust, backstabbing, confusion and hopelessness-just to name a few. And I don’t know about you, but some people don’t need to visit those places for too long. I’d much rather them add some happy to their existence with romance, than thinking about everyone being out to kill them or think they can get bitten by a vampire and live to tell about it because their blood was special or something.

True, there are books that fall in other genres that might have some sort of romantic element but usually it’s not the point, it’s like a casuality of the couple in the book happening to be in the same vicinity for a long period of time. Romance is not about happenstance. The whole book, whether it delves into all those grim topics for a moment, is about the two people(mostly just two) persevering with what? Love. That’s right; I said love. And love does exist. It exists amongst extreme turmoil, pain, confusion, backstabbing, and even murder. Love perseveres. And I’m happy that so many of us, more than what so many will admit to(especially since e-readers have made it easy to keep it private)actually will escape to this happy place from time to time and dream that they can have that too, or reminisce on when they had it, or are happy that they do in fact have it now. And you know what, they share it with others either by talking about it or loaning their books, etc. I do also realize that in many books love can be found within one’s self through whatever journey is being shared in the story, so don’t jump on me here.

With that said, not all romance is for everyone. I certainly like my stories to not be too much of a fantasy. But I’m cool with a happy ending because despite what happens with so many couples since the beginning of time, there are happy endings…Defining happy may not be like it reads in the books. Usually the books ends after the couple has overcome something and then they decide they want to overcome everything together. Isn’t that love though. Isn’t that the power of love? To overcome all obstacles, big and small? In my mind, I don’t see the happy ending of these books guaranteeing that nothing else will come in this couple’s way. That they themselves won’t get in each other’s way, but I’d like to think that they will have what they need to make it through. And that is real, not fluff. I know it, because I choose to live it and I pray that if there’s someone writing me and my husband’s story after the wedding, it would still be a story of romance. A story about Love.

What are your thoughts about Romance?

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